TDMT History

Dennis Grieshop Legacy

Dennis Grieshop was born in Minnesota and grew up in various states. He joined the Navy in 1980 and served his Country in Italy, Washington DC and coastal states. He learned large machining on the USS Constitution. After his service, he worked in different machine shops in the greater Houston area. In 1996, he started his own machine shop in Plantersville, Texas and named it TDMT. He spent several years growing his business. With the growth, he added a second building to accommodate additional work space and equipment. Dennis specialized in prototyping and in all types of maching. He worked closely with his customers and developed unique and efficient parts/prototypes. His priority was producing quality machining cost effectively. Dennis hired loyal employees who continue to work at TDMT.

In 2011, Dennis was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away later that year. Prior to his passing, he ensured that business strategies were put into place that would allow continuation of services for his customers and employment for his employees.

Two of Dennis's nephews and three of his sisters are working at TDMT and keeping his legacy going forward.

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